Temporary Downtime


BOT OWNERS, PLEASE USE: aws.random.cat/meow

A few people are abusing the API by not implementing any caching on their end. Maybe I can improve caching on my end, but the API script is not complex, it's the traffic.

This website serves 1TB of cat images a month, and 5,761,698 requests last month. This application wasn't ready to scale to those numbers on the current web host.

It's a service I want to provide, but I'm on thin ice with my current webhost, and trying to decide how I sustain the website with that traffic. I would prefer to keep the API open, and figure out a way to sustain the site with the ever-increasing traffic.

So I guess I'm just trying to figure out the way forward from here.

You can reach me at: submit@random.cat

- Tyler

sounds like a YOU problem, bro, I just want to LOOK AT CATS!

PS, found this on /r/badcode: Is this what you call prefetching?

UPDATE: Big thanks to the bot owners that have reached out to me, and started solutioning with me. I should have better news in a week, or two. Thank you for your patience, and support. Bot owners, don't feel bad, I didn't specify limitations, and some of that onus is on me. We should celebrate that the internet wants 30GB+ cats a day!